Energy Balance

Crystal Healings

Guided Meditation

Intuitive Balinese Massage 

Tuina Massage

Intuitive Guidance

Future Healing

Releasing Attachments

Plus More

One hour session

Available via Distance or In-Person 


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Bookings are Essential.

Divine Wellness

This is a package offering of one session

per week for four weeks. 

Ideal for the Healer and Helper who need assistance in bringing their focus back to self in order to continue healing and helping others.

Week 1: Energy Balance

Week 2: Balinese Massage or

Crystal Majick with Guided Meditation

Week 3: Protection and Guidance

Week 4: Crystal Majick with Guided Meditation

Available via Distance or In-Person

Valued at $400, offering of $370

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Bookings are Essential. 

 Divine Strength

This is an offering of eight sessions over

two or four months, with each session being

Divinely Designed for you. 

This is a great opportunity to help keep yourself accountable for connecting into and maintaining Divine Strength. 

Suitable to those already on a Spiritual Journey as well as those who are now beginning their Spiritual Journey.

Available via Distance or In-Person

Valued at $800, offering of $770

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Bookings are Essential.

I feel great, still buzzing from my session with you! - Erin

Great! My feet feel better and I now seem to be picking up on some smells again. - Meredith

Really good! I feel more relaxed and chilled, not stressing about the little things or people. I'm able to disconnect myself from situations that aren't directly effecting me. - Abbey

The best healing massage I've ever had,

and I've had a lot of massages in my life! - Joanne

Living Majickally

Uplift Your Days by Connecting into the Majick within and around you - feel the Joy of Life!

Crystal Wisdom, Moon Wisdom, Wisdom of the Elements and Directions.

Numerology, Energy, Protection, Wisdom of the Days, Animals, the Fae plus more! 

Discover the Joy of what your day can bring through Living Majickally!

One Hour Session

Available via Distance or In-Person



keep the Majick Alive and Flowing in your life with an offering of seven sessions over seven weeks.

Available via Distance or In-Person

Valued at $700, offering of $670

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Bookings are Essential.

Welcome Majick

into your everyday life! 


A Fun, Unique, Dance Experience! 

Welcoming all styles of music and therefore dancing.

I as your Groove Facilitator, help guide and unite everyone in Groove,

into a basic dance move and/or rhythm pattern, and from there invite you in to add your own style, so dancing feels Divine for your

body, mind and soul,

giving space for you to be your creative authentic self.

Available in Local Coffs Harbour Surroundings for adults 18-65.

$10 or $15 depending on which Divine Groove you attend. 

Connect with Kat 

for more information.

Bookings are Preferred.


I recently attended a Groove class with Kat as part of a Women's Wellbeing Day. The class was such fun. Kat has such a lovely, easy going way of gently leading you into expressing your own femininity through dance and not feeling self conscious. I would recommend you finding your Inner Groove with Kat. - Robyn