Crystal Healing




As an Energy Therapist I love working with crystals as they help create a

deeper relaxing rejuvenating, therapy to occur. 

The crystals give extra assistance in re-aligning your energetic frequencies,

creating space for emotional blocks to release freely, 

allowing healing and spiritual growth to occur,

promoting health via physical and energetic crystal entrainment.

Please note Divine Self offers Crystal Healing's via Distance.


Everything is Energy, therefore including our bodies. Throughout our bodies are energy channels. To keep it simple we work with 7-9 of the main Chakras/Energy Channels/Spinning Wheels/Colourfields (all referring to the same thing). Theses Chakras line up through the center of our bodies. It is important to be aware of Chakras because when they are balanced it promotes health in our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. Energy can flow freely and healthy. Whereas if they are left to themselves, with us Divine Beings coming easily into entropy due to the amount of different frequencies/energy we are made of, connected to, come across, the Chakras can become blocked creating spiritual, emotional, mental and physical dis-ease. Each Chakra has its own colour, connection and purpose, yet they are interconnected. Through a Chakra Balance session, your Chakras will be cleansed and balanced through intuition, crystals and a pendulum, releasing blockages and allowing room for fresh energy to flow through you, bringing you back to your natural joyful peaceful self.

Note: This is a One Hour session.

I feel great, still buzzing from my session with you! - Erin

Great! My feet feel better and I now seem to be picking up

on some smells again. - Meredith

Really good. I feel more relaxed and chilled, not stressing about the little things or people.

I'm able to disconnect myself from situations that aren't directly effecting me. - Abbey


Wanting some relaxation, some healing, some peace?

Need to feel some balance in your life?

Not sure how to go about that?

This is the way.

You will be guided intuitively to to relax, heal and feel peace.

Note: This is a 30min session.


Do you have an important event coming up in your life,

that you would like to be filled with healing, strength and/or protection?

A Future Healing can facilitate in providing that. 

Note: This is a 30min session.


Our nervous system, bodies and minds hold onto past unhealed wounds whether we realise it or not. You may feel a slight uneasiness creeping to the surface now as you read this. If you do, this is the session for you. Dive Deep within to bring Light to those wounds and clear them away, so you can create fresh space for new energy, new perspectives and new possibilities.

Note: This is a One Hour and 30min session.

You do not need any previous experience or knowledge in energy work or crystals

to be able to enjoy a Divine Self healing.

You will learn along your Divine journey

and as this is done via Distance you can reach out for

assistance and guidance with healing

from anywhere in the world.