Hello! It's Kathryn (Kat) and Tonya here of

Love and Light Intentions.

Together as Energy Cleansers and Mediums we work to raise the energy in your life,

taking the utmost care to either assist you in receiving messages of

guidance, hope and love from those who have already transitioned to their complete energy body

or to help you create a more inviting, less eerie environment that is in harmony with your being. 

Those we have helped have loved our services be it a mediumship experience or a home/work space clearing.


Requiring a Clearing/Cleansing? 

Energy is free flowing yet can also become attached to items, people and buildings. Sometimes, an energy or energies require guided assistance to release, freely flow and move on. If your experiencing cluttered energy, emotional ties to the other side that bring you a sense of unease, hauntings or ghostly activity, then please don't hesitate to contact us via email and set up a time where we can assist you, because these occurrences are more common than we realise. If the energy is allowed to stay, it may begin to become an energy which to our perspective feels negative and if we don't remain aware, it can begin to drain our own energy, giving more power to the attachment. 

Love and Light Intentions provides an in person service of helping free up any stagnant negative energy, which in return allows clear beneficial healthy energy flowing once again.  

Seeking messages and guidance from the other-side?

We tend to forget how close our loved ones are when they are no longer here in the physical. Perhaps you have felt loved ones trying to communicate with you or perhaps you have a curiosity to receive messages and guidance from beyond Earths realm. We understand it can be quite confronting at times to receive from the other-side so at Love and Light Intentions we create the safe space that allows you to give permission to yourself to connect with your dearly departed and receive guidance from those watching over.

It was a wholesome experience. - Bridget

I had never received a mediumship session before so I had no idea what to expect. But from the moment I arrived to Tonya's house where my session was held I was made to feel very welcome, very safe and I felt relaxed even though I knew I was about to enter into a place I had never been before. Kat and Tonya made sure I was very comfortable and had a chat to me before we started so I knew what was expected of me, and what to expect from them. The session went for approximately an hour, in this time I was gently made aware of my guides and spirits that wished to present themselves during the session and the messages that come through. After the session there was also a chat about the session to discuss anything that I felt I needed to, to ensure I had clarity on what came up and to give feedback. I felt the chat before and after the session were both important and I was very happy that this was the format as it made me feel like the session was completed, it wasn't left unfinished. I felt a major shift after the session, messages that came through really resonated with me and the universe began to open up doors that I had closed myself off to. I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity to have had this mediumship session with Kat and Tonya, and I highly recommend this to anyone wishing to openly explore the spirit world and the messages from our guides in a safe and warm environment.

- Cat

Tonya and Kat are amazing ladies who helped me to understand, and talk to my sister who untimely passed,

in a caring and respectful manor. They both truly have a wonderful gift and you will be amazed at their work. - Hannah

If you are looking for a way to make sense of questions in your life, or perhaps find out if deceased loved ones are still around you, perhaps seeking the help of a medium might be the answer. Tonya and Kathryn, at Love and Light Intentions, are mediums, based in Coffs Harbour, NSW. Their sessions are held in a safe and calm environment, and any information given is sensitively delivered.

I really enjoyed my recent session with them, and I highly recommend their service.

- Jennifer

Love and Light Intentions Mediumship experiences are available for in person or via Distance so whether your local or overseas, you can reach out to us.

We look forward to connecting with you - Kat and Tonya.