Energy Balance

Our Divine Animal Companions are more complexed then we may know. 

  • anxiety

  • heartbreak

  • abandonment

  • stress

  • anger

  • self-doubt

  • depression

are all some of the many struggles our Divine Animal Companions

may carry with them. 


On top of their own struggles

Divine Animal Companions can also carry with them the stresses and struggles of their Divine Human Companions.

All of this can leave their energy feeling unsettled, ungrounded, unbalanced.

Help ease this discomfort and bring a sense of peace to them through an

Energy Balance.

Available via Distance.

One hour session $100.00

Connect with Kat

Bookings are Essential.


Ever wondered what your Divine Animal Companion would communicate to you if they could speak the language you speak?

Does it feel like your Divine Animal Companion wants to tell you something?

Grow your connection with your Divine Animal Companion by discovering what they have to share with you. 

Available via Distance.

30-40min session $60.00

Connect with Kat 

Bookings are Essential.


Is your Divine Animal Companion missing from the safety of your loving home?

The reason for Animal Companions losing their way from home, vary. 

They may...

  • have a keen sense of adventure within them and will take any chance they can to go explore. 

  • be feeling a little rebellious or bored and go looking for extra food to sneak into their bellies. 

  • be missing a loved one of their own and have taken it upon themselves to go look for them.

  • have become spooked by something or someone and took off to protect themselves without a second thought

  • be close to leaving their physical body and are in search of a peaceful space that resonates with them to transition completely into their energy/spirit body

Whichever reason it may be, we hold them close to our heart, so when a Divine Animal Companion is out of sight we can easily become scared and panicked, filled with anxiousness and sadness. 

Through the ability of Telepathy, I connect in and receive information to assist you in reconnecting with your

Divine Animal Companion.

Available via Distance.

One hour session $100.00

Connect with Kat

Bookings are Essential.

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Kathryn is an amazing intuitive healer. She did a distance healing session on both of our cats and we saw and experienced some incredible moments with them. Our youngest has been feeling quite nervous lately and after the session he became so relaxed he actually fell asleep upside down, belly fully exposed on my lap! Our other cat received a communication session with Kathryn and this was both insightful and entertaining and Lou's true nature came across so clearly in the communication. I highly recommend these sessions in particular the communication one and recommend you give this gift to your loved ones. - Marcella

I would highly recommend Kathryn. She was accurate, down to the details of my house, where she has never visited but got the information from my animal companion whom she connected to. Kathryn was professional and friendly with a lovely personality. - Raven

Kathryn is an extraordinary animal whisperer. She was able to really connect with Daisy, and communicated effectively the deeper aspects of the issue I had arrived to the session with. I have come away from the session with a practical toolkit of things I can do to support Daisy. More importantly, Kat showed me how to really listen. I now have both a deeper understanding of why the issue was presenting, as well as the desire to develop my own listening ability. - Melanie

Kat brought through some profound insights around the relationship between my dog & I that I hadn't been able to see. I found this session to be healing not only for Floyd but also for me. This is unfolding by way of a deeper connection and understanding between us. Thankyou Kat, beautiful session. - Ali

I called on Kat to support family with our cockatiel Cinnamon who was misbehaving. We knew this meant he had some needs that were being communicated and we weren't sure what they were. Kat was able to help us communicate with our bird and we then could have a conversation about the changes Cinnamon was experiencing in his development. Kat had an instant and clear ability to communicate with our bird and to then share this with us. We were able to ask for clear strategies to create a harmonious way forward. We implemented these and have been able to change the tone of our relationship to our pet. Kats manner was always gentle and respectful and she was also so prompt and clear in communication. - Lea