Lost Animals 


Reasons for beloved pets losing their way from home, vary. 

Divine adored 'lost' animals, at many times haven't just become lost, but are out of our sight for a reason.

They may have a keen sense of adventure within them and will take any chance they can to go explore.

They may be feeling a little rebellious or bored and go looking for extra food to sneak into their bellies for the day.

They may be looking for a loved animal or human friend or family member. 

They may have become spooked by something or someone and taken off to protect themselves without a second thought. 

They may be coming closer to leaving their physical body to move completely into their energy/spirit body,

in which case they may choose to find a peaceful space that resonates to them to transition. 

Which ever reason it may be, we hold them close to our hearts so when an adored furry family member goes 'missing'

we can easily become scared and panicked, filled with anxiousness and sadness. 

As an Animal Communicator I connect and receive information through telepathy which allows me to assist you in finding your loved animal companion. For me the way I receive information varies as I am constantly expanding in myself

and therefore my energy work, therefore my abilities.

A couple ways information may come across to me is through images and feelings. 

As an Animal Communicator I can connect to guide you to reconnect to your adored divine fur-baby.

As communication is done telepathically, if you require assistance to find your fur-baby,

you can reach out to me no matter where you are in the world.