Connecting into the frequencies of
pure Joy and Majick of everyday life,
I support you in completely honouring yourself from a place of Genuine Divine Love.
Keeping a focused intention on this, 
healing naturally occurs as the body
physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually,  naturally wants to thrive.


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Majick has filled my life ever since I was a child. Whether it be noticing other frequencies that others didn’t seem to notice or seeing all the animals as my friends and family and I as their friend, family and protector.

Horses, Cats and Dogs were the main domesticated animals in my life growing up, with each still till this day having a special place in my heart. Horses have always had an extra special place in my heart, as to me they are mystical beings. When it comes to the wild animals Elephants and Zebras have always resonated to me strongly. Though I feel the deepest love for all animals. I have travelled to Zambia, Africa three times to see the animals in their natural environment, conquered my fears of scuba diving to explore the ocean world and grow a closer connection to those who live there and I have had at least one fur-baby in my life, every day of my life. I currently live with six. Three dogs and three cats.

In my early 20’s, once I had returned home from traveling throughout the world, I really began to notice a massive shift within myself, one that did not resonate with me. I had become completely lost. I hadn’t found myself yet but I had been living and enjoying life. Now, I felt this hopelessness consciously and strongly, ongoing for two years. It got to the point where I could not handle it anymore though thankfully the strength of it finally calmed because one morning I woke up, looked in the mirror and decided to take my power back. I thought to myself, I am completely done with feeling this way and being this way and from that moment I made a promise to myself that I would say yes to challenges and opportunities that came my way that would allow me to heal, connect and explore and so began my own journey of self-discovery, self-connection, spiritual exploration and healing. The more I moved through my journey the more my mind and heart began to open, expanding more and more everyday till I finally felt a real genuine love, happiness and inner peace for myself and therefore others. Feeling this natural inner beauty shining so brightly, a passion of helping people be able to achieve this for themselves flowed strongly through me. This expansion lead me into Crystal Healing and Intuitive Balinese Massage.

In one of many, many meditation experiences I felt as though I was receiving messages of love from a passed family member. I remember feeling so connected yet unsure of what had just happened. This experience had brought up so many images, feelings, messages, and physical sensations including tears. I had blocked many frequencies out of my conscious for many years now yet had a strong urge to understand the experience. I needed to explore more of what that experience was all about as I hadn’t had a meditation like it before. This was when I first discovered Mediumship. This became the kick-starter to me opening back up to frequencies that scared me as a child and therefore had closed off.

As a child my two biggest dreams were to travel the world and work with animals. Thankfully I have done plenty of the first dream though for my other dream, the path never worked out for me. Eventually it came to seem my journey was to help the people on Earth, though as I kept exploring, it became clear I was also to help spirit and then as I kept experiencing and working with energy this area kept expanding and expanding to where I discovered animal energy healing and communication. I was now ecstatic as I truly realised, I could use energy work to help all beings! My second childhood dream has become reality. By continuing with my awakening, reconnecting to self-journey, from all the discoveries made, I now know that I am here to assist with reconnection for all Divine beings.


Majick has been a big part of my life and I would love to help bring some majick to yours.


Lets Connect and get you Reconnected.

Beautiful. Divine. Love. That's You!

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